Modern Malaysian Fine Dining - Antara Restaurant KL

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Now extended for the rest of July.

Established in 2016, Antara Restaurant is the antithesis of its sister restaurant Bistro à Table, serving luxe mbutodern Malaysian food with French influences. Strictly MSG-free, Antara’s cuisine is a culmination of fiercely guarded family recipes and soul food. With no short cuts and superior ingredients used, Antara's philosopy is guided by the Malay saying “Air Tangan Ibu”, translates to “food made by Mother’s hands”.

Anson Colonial Cafe is an informal restaurant located on Antara’s ground floor space serving interpretations of Colonial Malaysian cuisine, originally started by early Hainanese settlers who cooked for their British colonial masters. Chicken chops and sizzling steaks commonly typify this Western-influenced cuisine.

Abacus Lounge sits on the first level glasshouse of Antara Restaurant and offers guests a discreetly stylish space in which to enjoy bespoke cocktails and Malaysian-inspired bar bites accompanied by stunning skylight views of the KL Tower. Our signature cocktails exude a spirit of Malaysiana, from the Abacus Cocktail made with pandanus, tuak (Borneo rice wine) and Cointreau to the Miss Chai, which stars Glenmorangie whisky, chrysanthemum tea and ginger ale.